2020 Pandemic: Daniela Larsson

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2020 Pandemic: Daniela Larsson


2020 Pandemic
Connecticut, USA


The Connecticut Crossroads Project


The Connecticut Crossroads Project







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Living through the pandemic is stressful and challenging. I live with someone who is immune compromised and have to take extra precautions to avoid contact. Under new restrictions and in a short amount of time, we had to figure out a new way to get supplies. Curbside at local stores has been a great help and everyone is more than happy to try and help however they can.
I work as contract worker in the food industry and work has been put on hold for the foreseeable future. It’s nerve-racking not knowing when I will return to work, but I have also been able to focus on things that had always been side projects.
I have also had to distance myself and limit my screen time, especially reading the news. When I see others being cavalier and not taking the proper precautions, it’s infuriating. So, I have to take time away. I am extremely thankful for those are on the frontlines and are putting their own health and safety in jeopardy. I don’t know when this will be “over” but I know that I will continue to adjust.

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The Connecticut Crossroads Project, “2020 Pandemic: Daniela Larsson,” The Connecticut Crossroads Project, accessed February 25, 2021, http://ctcrossroadsproject.com/items/show/63.

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