Pandemic 2020: Mrs. Desena's Class

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Pandemic 2020: Mrs. Desena's Class


Pandemic 2020
Washington, CT
Washington Primary School


The Connecticut Crossroads Project


The Connecticut Crossroads Project







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Washington Primary School Kindergarteners, Mrs. Desena’s Class

Eloise, age 6: “My name is Eloise and I’m in kindergarten. (Distance learning) felt like screen school because Mrs. Desena posted lots of lessons and activities on Seesaw (a computer program, not the thing you play with on the playground). I had fun doing distance learning because I could spend the day with my family and I could take breaks in between work and playing outside. I miss playing on the playground with my friends, including Mrs. Mercier. I didn’t have lunch in the cafeteria—I had it in the kitchen! I didn’t sit on the rug in my classroom to do morning meeting; I did it on Zoom in my kitchen!”

Isabella, age 5: “I feel confused when doing distance learning. I (like) being here, but I also miss my friends. The end.”

Logan, age 6: “It was hard to do all my different subjects at home. I feel good about distance learning but I missed my classroom and friends. School was different during the virus because we were still learning, but instead of being at school, we learned at home.”

Dawson, age 6: “I’m Dawson, Washington Primary, I’m kindergarten and I’m in kindergarten school at Washington. (I would rather be) at school because it isn’t teaching, the tablets are teaching. I miss Ms. Desena and the blocks.”

Eliza, age 6: “I missed my friends. I was sad we had to be on the computer.”

David, age 6: “It was easier because (during) distance learning I could do things on my own time. I felt a little nervous. I couldn’t be with my friends or teachers.”

Makayla, age 5: “Well my favorite thing was doing math. Math is the best thing in the class. It’s where we get to learn equations. It made me sad because I don’t get to be with all my friends and my teachers and don’t get to take a turn to write on the board, to write on the big screen board. But the good thing that I am happy about home schooling is that we can take a 15 minute break every time when I feel tired or hungry. The only time when I’m frustrated is kind of when I mess up, when I mess up the drawings. What did I miss most? Eating lunch with (friends) and playing with them and coloring and playing in the sandbox. I can take a 15 minute break when I’m hungry or sleepy! Harder equations and counting up to 100-that’s what I’m most looking forward to (in first grade). I can only do it with a grown up or with a person or a kid who knows how to count up to 100 in 60 seconds.

Andres, age 6: “(Being a kindergartner) is the best, but it was hard (to do distance learning). I didn’t get to see my teachers or friends in person.”

Kaelyn, age 5: “We didn’t like ‘social’ (distance) learning…we like to see our friends every day.”

Amelia, age 5: “I had to do distance learning from home and…but I missed being at school with my friends. I felt happy about distance learning but I missed being at school with my friends. It was different because I had do school at home and also schoolwork.”

Jamie, age 6: “I missed my teachers and friends. I could mute myself and not talk while I was eating. I liked distance learning because I could stay at home. I used my computer all the time when I was at home.”

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