Pandemic 2020: Mrs. Gregory's Class

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Pandemic 2020: Mrs. Gregory's Class


Pandemic 2020
Booth Free School
Roxbury, CT


The Connecticut Crossroads Project


The Connecticut Crossroads Project







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Booth Free School Kindergarteners, Mrs. Gregory’s Class

Micah, age 6: “Hi! My name is Micah. During the pandemic I was happy being home with my mom and dad. I was very, very, very, very sad because I missed my friends and my teacher. I loved spending time with my dog and going to school in my pajamas. I miss, I miss, I miss, I miss going to recess! Thank you Chris for your presence and good luck with your projects.”

Rudy, age 5: “I hate distance learning. I miss Mrs. Gregory and the whole class. I miss gym, art, and music. I miss recess and I can’t wait to go back to school.”

Patrick, age 5: “(Distance learning) was so good, it was great! I can’t even stop loving it, it was so good. School was on an iPad and we did stuff differently.”

Caiden, age 5: “I liked having more breaks. I missed the school bus. I miss Mason and Micah and Mrs. Gregory and the math and the (bus) announcements. (Distance learning) was very, very different when it first started. Bye, adios amigos!”

Madison, age 6: “I miss my friends and I miss my teachers and my school bus…the bus drivers…having my friends at the playground I miss…having lunch in the cafeteria…being able to talk to everyone and getting ready for school."

Mason, age 6: “It felt different because, like, I couldn’t really see my friends but in distance learning we had some Zooms. Zooms are like when you see people on screens, like on iPads or even sometimes phones.”

Ryan, age 5: “I like school at home because I work with my mom. We work on an iPad. I don’t see my friends. We meet on Zoom calls.”

Samantha, age 5: “I liked doing school on the iPad because it’s fun with music and videos of schoolwork. It was different because you were doing it on the iPad. I liked playing afternoons, after schoolwork. But it was harder on the iPad. I missed my friends and teacher.”

Cameron, age 6: “My favorite part about school was Field Day. My favorite part was being with Mommy and Daddy, my best friends. I liked distance learning because…I love distance learning because I love school, (but I was) alone and I missed my friends.”

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