2020 Pandemic: Kim Larsson

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2020 Pandemic: Kim Larsson


2020 Pandemic in Connecticut, USA


Short memories of the 2020 Pandemic collected beginning in March of 2020.


The Connecticut Crossroads Project


The Connecticut Crossroads Project


The Connecticut Crossroads Project


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Larsson, Kim


Bantam, CT


My two favorite people! I wrote a little something. For some reason recording is too large to send so I summarized it!

Living during the pandemic has been challenging but has also given me the opportunity to stop and slow down. I never realized how much social interaction I have on a daily basis until this pandemic hit. Believe it or not I am an introvert but I am used to traveling for work and being out on the road at least 4 days a week. Working from home definitely is not easy and requires contestant self disciple and motivation but I am grateful to be able to work during this time.

I have been at home with my husband, dog, and family members since the virus hit headlines. It is an unprecedented situation and has left me feeling anxious and overwhelmed at times, but spending extra time with my husband has been wonderful. It has also given me the opportunity to support more local farms and small independent shops. The severity of this whole situation left a lot of people scrambling, but it also brought people together.

I do not know when this pandemic will end, but I think it is important to listen to guidelines given and to honor those who have been on the frontline during all of this.


The Connecticut Crossroads Project, “2020 Pandemic: Kim Larsson,” The Connecticut Crossroads Project, accessed February 25, 2021, http://ctcrossroadsproject.com/items/show/27.

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